Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be 
                                                                     John Wooden



Change is inevitable and always comes with uncertainty. In recent years, the U.S. economy has slowly recovered and, as owners have focused on growth and profits, many private companies have prospered. For most businesses, however, challenges remain:

  • Management/ownership succession are critical (very few family enterprises survive three generations)
  • Many private companies must comply with standards traditionally limited to public entities
  • Consolidation, and changes in demographics and consumer preferences has resulted in many industries contracting thus eliminating many businesses
  • Latest technology requires human capital capable of dealing in a new fast-paced, high-tech world
  • Social media threatens the long-term personal relationships that traditionally have been the strength of smaller business

The result of these challenges is that the value of any business can change quickly. Owners have less control than in the past and little time to adapt. Businesses must constantly reinvent themselves or risk becoming irrelevant. 

Public companies have long recognized the challenges that uncertainty and change present. They know that windows of opportunity can open and close quickly. They appreciate the role of experienced, professional advisors in evaluating a merger or acquisition, strategic partnership, recapitalization or a restructuring of debt. No CEO of a public company would dare make a significant decision impacting shareholder value without professional advice. 

At The Inman Company we believe that private companies and family owned businesses deserve access to the same quality advice and counsel as public shareholders. Most owners are in the dark about the real value of their business, and have little knowledge of the value of long-term planning. Our firm operates as investment bankers AND consultants, partnering with quality companies and their shareholders to help develop strategies for growth or exit.

"It doesn't make sense to have access to smart, experienced people....not hire them and then follow their advice."
Steven Jobs

Over the past 50 years, our consultants, all former CEOs or C level executives, have served as trusted advisors to thousands of private companies ranging in value from $5M-$1B, located throughout North America . We have initiated, negotiated, and closed hundreds of transactions including projects for some of America's most prominent family owned businesses. 

As an successful, independent, partner-owned firm, we don't accept conflicts of interest or pressure to close. We are not affiliated with any commercial or investment bank, wealth manager, CPA or consulting firm and our only agenda is the best interests of our clients. 

With consultants world-wide, we maintain a confidential and proprietary network of thousands of relationships (investors, private equity funds, angels, family offices, strategic buyers) . Our diverse industry experience, deep research capabilities, and unequaled experience, provide our clients with the resources of larger investment banks. We offer our clients personal service, including 24/7 access. Referrals from other professionals, bankers, present and past clients, etc. remain our primary source of new business. We specialize at identifying and solving complex business issues, developing alternatives for a win-win solution and creating value.

Recent engagements includes early stage and mature companies in the following industry sectors: 

  • e-Commerce (B2B and B2C)
  •  Commercial construction
  •  Home Health Care
  •  Medical devices
  •  Aerospace 
  • Packaging
  • Information Technology
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Educational services
  • Energy
  • Healthcare Services
  • Food and Beverage distributors and service providers
  • Commercial Real Estate Development and Management
  • Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation and Storage
  • Manufacturing, including EMS, food and beverage, metal compounds, etc
  • Distressed businesses
  • Government contractors including minority owned and HUB zone businesses

"Bill and his team are highly professional, well connected, credentialed and experienced professionals who add significant value for their clients. Their reputation for excellence and track record over many years speaks for itself"  

Ryan Tiedberg, SVP, Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T)



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