As a result of our years of experience, we have exclusive access to thousands of high net worth individuals (angels), family offices, strategic investors and private equity funds not available to most companies

Twenty percent of all new businesses fail in their first year, and fifty percent within five years. A major contributor to failure is the inadequate capital required to build a successful enterprise. 

At The Inman Company, our business is to work with clients to provide the cash necessary to create and grow value. Our investors will consider investments in start-ups, early-stage or mature businesses . The are private in their deal making and not accessible to most businesses. They know us, understand our vetting process of investment opportunities and understand our requirement of to a minimum cash commitment of $1 Million.

Intellectual capital is also require to create value. As a result, we also assist clients in recruiting C-level talent who sometimes also invests. Our extensive and proprietary network of individuals connects us with a limited number of highly sought after C-level executives seeking the opportunity to invest in and manage their own private company.  

Here are the requirements required of a Company for consideration by a qualified investor: 

  • A business that serves a market with sustainability and proven scalability
  • A written Business Plan that is professional, thorough, thoughtful, and which describes the business in detail and reflects the owner’s abilities, experience, and knowledge of their industry and business
  • Owners who share basic values and a vision for the future 
  • A Financial Model based upon reasonable assumptions that can be supported with facts and documented
  • An experienced and capable Management Team with “skin in the game” and a track record of success
  • Minimum government regulation
  • Diversified customer mix
  • Large market size
  • Intellectual property (owned, proprietary, licensed, or patented)
  • Reasonable valuation expectations
“Thank you for your professionalism, persistence and patience in working with us on a very difficult transaction”
Paul Olsen
CEO, Millers of Columbia, Inc.