“One of the highlights of the transaction was working with your firm.

"You did a super job for us.”


                                                                                            Clyde Ingles, CEO Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Oklahoma City



Our Services

Intellectual and Financial Capital for Private Companies

20% of all businesses fail in their first year, 50% by year five. Most of these failures are due to a shortage of the intellectual and financial capital required to build a successful enterprise. At The Inman Company, our business is to create and grow value. For over forty years our principals and consultants have worked with hundreds of companies of all size, in many industries, at all stages of their life cycle. Our proprietary network of talented individuals and investors includes thousands of domestic and foreign, present and former, C level executives, value-add angels, private equity funds, venture capitalists, and family offices. Our investors, who invest a minimum of $1 Million, will consider an investment in start-ups, early stage or mature businesses. Here are the requirements to qualify for an investment:

  • A Business plan that is well conceived, thoughtful, and focused with owners who share the same vision
  • A financial model based upon reasonable assumptions that can be supported and documented
  • An experienced and capable management team with "skin in the game" and a track record of success
  • Minimum government regulation
  • Diversified customer mix
  • Large market size
  • Intellectual property that is owned, proprietary, licensed or patented
  • Valuation expectations that are reasonable

Sell-Side Advisory Services

Less than 10% of family businesses survive to the third generation. The reasons are many, with personal and business agendas difficult to manage. For most owners, a sale is the most practical, if not the most preferred, path to preserving a family's wealth. 

For most owners, the sale of their private company is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It can be a very time consuming and expensive process with disastrous results if confidentiality is not preserved. Virtually all buyers for private companies are experienced in acquisitions. Buyers are also more often armed with knowledge that sellers do not have.The sale experience can take 12 months or more and involves a myriad of complex issues ( management, tax, legal, environmental, etc. ) and tough negotiations. Experience, industry/market knowledge, and patience are critical.

Studies  show that private sellers receive significantly higher acquisition premiums when they retain experienced, professional, M&A advisors knowledgeable about all aspects of business. There are no shortcuts in making a good deal. A well planned, professionally managed sale process can result in a financially rewarding experience. 

In recent years, M&A activity and values have reached all-time highs. None the less, as pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, the market can change quickly   " There is no assurance the recent values of private companies will continue. Deals tend to beget deals, and much depends on (buyers) executives' mind-set and their stomach for risk, both of which can quickly turn.......deals can go "pencils down" as a result of increases in interest rates, unexpected political and economic surprises, etc. "

Our firm has extensive experience in the following:

  • The sale of family businesses
  • Tax-free mergers with a public company
  • Intra-family and management buyouts
  • Sale through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • The merger or "Rollup" of private companies into a larger enterprise

Buy-Side Advisory Services

Successful companies know that growing a business organically is often slow and risky.  They understand the potential for enhancing shareholder value quickly through an effective and well-planned acquisition strategy. This is particularly true in mature industries.  Current economic conditions of slow growth. and low interest rates, plus the need not to be "left behind", have created buyers in every industry seeking companies that can grow rapidly. 

Acquisitions can be difficult to close and often fail to meet the buyer's expectations. The best acquisition target companies are seldom "for sale". As a result, at The Inman Company we have developed a proprietary process of identifying, pre-qualifying, and assessing these businesses. We work hard to build relationships with sellers, their advisors and gain their confidence. We have advised large and small buyers alike, including Fortune 500 companies. Services we provide include:

  • Assistance in the development of a formal acquisition strategy
  • Researching the target industry and identify the target companies
  • Evaluation of the target's management, ownership, and their objectives
  • In-depth analysis of the target's financial history, tax returns, debt, off balance sheet liabilities, etc
  • Pre-qualification of each target as a suitable acquisition
  • Meet with the target's management and ownership in order to establish our client as a preferred buyer
  • Provide the target with various information regarding the value of the business and the various factors influencing value
  • Meet with target's advisors and offer suggestions as to deal structure
  • Development of sophisticated financial models that project ROI
  • Presentation to target of a formal acquisition proposal
  • Supervision of the due diligence process
  • Participation in the preparation of the APA and ancillary agreements

Real Estate Services

As a part of our Sale and Buy side engagements, we are often requested to assist in the sale/purchase/leaseback/exchange of commercial or industrial real estate. Through our affiliated Company, Inman Real Estate Services, a FL Licensed Real Estate Broker, we offer high quality, professional assistance to a select group of clients each year. We have successfully initiated, negotiated, and closed transactions ranging in value from $1-$7 Million.

Corporate Finance

Rapidly growing companies often need cash to fund growth. Using our extensive network of traditional and non-traditional lenders, private investors, etc., we assist clients in financing and re-capitalizing their business and customizing a plan that provides long-term sources of cash and flexibility. We sometimes co-invest in these situations with our clients and lenders/investors. 

Some of our recent projects include: 

  • Restructuring and re-financing bank debt
  • Sale/Leasebacks of Real Estate
  • Negotiating mezzanine and bridge financing
  • Developing strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Securing SBA, HUBZone other government-subsidized programs
  • Franchising

Consulting Services 

  • Executive search and management recruitment
  • Workout strategies for troubled companies
  • Fund raising for non-profit organizations
  • Organizational development and strategic plans
  • Brand Building and Media relations
  • Market assessments
  • Valuations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Incentive Compensation Plans, including ESOPs
  • Exit Planning
  • CFO Services
  • Compliance audits for Investors and Lenders

How we are compensated

In Transactional engagements (Sale, purchase, recapitalization or refinancing), our fees are consistent with the Investment Banking Industry norms and include retainers paid at the time of the engagement and success fees at the Closing of a transaction. We are reimbursed for out of pocket travel expenses. In non-transaction and consulting engagements, we normally receive a fee based upon hourly rates.  




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